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Based in Santa Ana, California, RADD CANN is a leading cannabis consulting firm. our cannabis consultant assist financial institutions with the implementation of Marijuana Related Banking services which has a proven track record of success with clients nationwide. A natural complement to that service is the ability to apply our expertise in compliance consulting to the cannabis operators. RADD CANN’s mission is to help cannabis operators operate within their licensing guidelines so that they may continue to prosper. The RADD CANN cannabis consultants diligently stay abreast of regulatory trends and updates in the Cannabis industry and regularly speaks at conferences.

Radhika Lipton

Radhika Lipton - Founder

Founder and CEO – Radhika has more than 31 years of experience in the banking industry, with an impressive background spanning all phases of compliance, operations, and risk management for leading financial institutions. Radhika has been responsible for helping several banking institutions successfully pass their regulatory examinations. She excels in policy and procedure development, audit management, and streamlining processes through the use of technology. Prior to stating her own compliance and internal audit firm, Radhika held position such as Program Director of Retail Audit for Cititgroup, Chief Banking Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer and BSA Officer. She has experience in working with large institutions to starting a de novo. Radhika is active in the speaking circuit and regularly presents on risk management topics including banking high-risk programs. Radhika is passionate about what she does and dedicated to the success of her clients.


Rita Ward - Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer – CIA, CDIA, CRMA – Rita Ward has 20 years of regulatory audit and compliance experience in the private and public sectors of finance, 5 years of which she was dealing with the CFPB and DOJ directly. She has worked with small lenders (Westlake Financial), credit unions (First Financial Credit Union), commercial banking (Commonwealth Business Bank, Bank of Hope), big banks (Wells Fargo, CIT), and many others. She has limitless experience in compliance, and internal audit (Banking, Mortgage, Commercial and Consumer Lending, Compliance Management System, Financial, Vendor Management, Due Diligence, Servicing/Subservicing, and SOX). She has assisted in writing policies and procedures for overarching processes. Along with assisting clients to address Matters Requiring Attention (MRA) from regulatory institutions.
Adrienne Hoffman

Adrienne Hoffman

Operations Manager – Adrienne Hoffman currently serves as Operations Manager.  Prior to joining RADD, Adrienne worked in the mortgage industry for six years processing loans as well as leading a team of loan processors at JPMorgan Chase Bank. Before mortgage she worked in several areas of the supply chain network, including sales analyst, operations account specialist and customer service manager, working for contract manufacturers and consumer goods companies. 

Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips

Director of Sales and Cannabis Compliance – Charles has 15+ years of experience in business banking, marijuana banking, marijuana lending, money services business, and money transmitter. With his strength in business development (products, programs, policies, procedures, workflows, etc.), he has focused his expertise on marijuana for the last seven years. His expertise includes customer service, cash management, and merchant services. Through his proven experience and banking relationships, Charles has successfully onboarded several MRB programs while ensuring compliance with all city and state regulations.

Fredy Sandoval

Fredy Sandoval

Regulatory Compliance Manager  – Fredy Sandoval is an experienced compliance Auditor with more than 10 years of experience. Fredy has been responsible in conducting Regulatory Audits, Internal Policies and Procedures Audits and he has a heavy background in Mortgages. He worked for Westlake Financial Services where he designed and established Internal Policies and Procedures in order to comply with FDCPA, UDAAP, SCRA and FCRA. He was part of multiple CFPB and State Examinations with Westlake Financial Services where he worked for several years.


Sherry Jones

Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) – Sherry has 35 years of experience in the financial industry and over 20 years as a regulatory compliance professional.  Sherry has experience in all aspects of regulatory compliance and compliance management including the development and implementation of compliance management systems, policies, procedures, processes, risk assessments, compliance monitoring and auditing, consulting, risk mitigation, remediation efforts and regulatory exam preparation and response. Sherry is well respected in the compliance community as a subject matter expert by both peers and clients alike.  Sherry also holds both a CAMS and a Certified Cannabis Banking Professional (CCBP) certification.


Steve Tabick

 Senior Consultant –  Steven Tabick has nine years of experience in the financial services industry with five of those years focused on regulatory and governance compliance. He has experience developing compliance management systems, policy and procedure writing, risk assessment design and internal audit program creation, and business continuity management program development.


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