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Radhika Lipton and Rita Ward created RADD CANN specifically to serve cannabis-related businesses with their particular needs. The company is a subsidiary of RADD LLC, a consulting firm that provides audit and compliance services to financial institutions. After building up experience with cannabis operators, we embraced the growing legal cannabis industry and created RADD CANN.

Companies operating in the cannabis space enjoy growing acceptance and rapidly-changing industry. Unfortunately, that acceptance often comes with strict regulations filled with potential pitfalls. RADD CANN gives your cannabis business the confidence to focus on what makes it unique, while we help keep you compliant.

From operational to financial to regulatory, RADD CANN can help you out.

Operational: Security, Suppliers and Information Technology

In most states, more is required of legal cannabis operators than other businesses. While the plant remains a controlled substance, cash-heavy business models turn these enterprises into targets for criminals. With so many businesses popping up to provide ancillary services to the cannabis industry, you need confidence in who you hire and the technology you use.

Whether you need a few in-house employees or are looking for the best comprehensive security firm for your needs, RADD CANN can help keep you safe. We can help you devise and implement protocols to protect your business, including comprehensive plans to avoid opportunities for employee theft.

In addition to security concerns, plant-touching businesses face strict marketing, packaging and labeling rules. From finding the right supplier of tamper-resistant packaging to choosing the best information technology to print your labels, RADD CANN helps companies find and manage vendors so that you don’t have to.

A spot check from your state’s cannabis regulatory agency could cost you in fines, lost time or worse. That’s why RADD CANN also provides on-site inspections, rigorously ensuring that your business is following changing regulations and core best practices. We’ll make sure that you can face an audit with confidence.

Financial: Mergers, Acquisitions and Tax Code 280E

Financial transactions between plant-touching cannabis businesses can be particularly fraught for all sides. With an eye on local, state and federal policy changes, RADD CANN provides a canny eye and careful consulting to help your business make the best deals. We give you the confidence to keep your business growing.

RADD CANN serves both buyers and sellers of cannabis companies with strategic M&A consulting. We look for bad debt, assets on hand and other important financial metrics to prepare you to ask the right questions. Cannabis policy is frequently changing and your business needs to be able to change with it. We help to ensure that all procedures are followed properly and licenses transfer smoothly.

Even if your business isn’t expanding, every cannabis-related business needs to know how to best deal with Tax Code 280E. This provision of the IRS code limits what can be classified as expenses for cannabis businesses, due to its federally-illegal classification. Knowing what you can and can’t deduct can be the difference between profit or loss. RADD CANN conducts financial reviews to help you reduce expenses and get every deduction you’re entitled to.

Regulatory: Tracking, Licensing and Human Resources

From entering the cannabis industry to hiring employees to selling your business, regulatory concerns must be met. You need to know that your business rests on solid foundations, that tracking regulations are followed and that insurance is up to date and thorough. RADD CANN can help you through the entire life-cycle of your business.

Many states limit the number of licenses for plant-touching businesses. Before receiving a license, regulators look for companies with experience and solid plans. We help businesses build concrete plans that will impress regulators with their careful attention to detail. You may only get one chance to apply and you need to get it right.

After getting a coveted license, cannabis businesses need to find the best source of insurance for both business and employees, like any other business. However, the high-risk nature of the cannabis industry makes finding the right coverage more important than ever. RADD CANN will help you find the right plan, from the right company, at the best price.

With “seed-to-sale” tracking a requirement in many states, plant-touching cannabis businesses need to understand the process and systems associated. RADD CANN helps businesses understand and implement state tracking systems like Metrc and BioTrack. Standard operating procedures can ensure that all employees follow the plan.

Contact RADD CANN to see how we can help you today!

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